KENT Magic Vs Honeywell Move Pure : Which one Best Car Air Purifier

We travel to different places due to jobs and business. Hence, we spend a lot of time travelling and are exposed to pollutants like car emissions, dust, and smoke from the industries. The pollutants are harmful as they can lead us to several respiratory diseases. People who already suffer from respiratory disorders can get affected more adversely. Pulling up the car windows or turning on the air-conditioning system cannot save you from the injurious pollutants. That is why there is a need for a car air purifier. The purifier can trap every pollutant including pollen, smoke, and dust. You will be able to provide yourself and the other passengers the best quality air while you drive safely. With an air purifier, you can devoid yourself from periodic sneezing and nose blowing. Many companies make car air purifier. Today we are going to compare two products and they are KENT Magic and Honeywell Move Pure. If you are planning to buy any one of them, this article would help you make the right decision.

Benefits of using a car air purifier

Reduces allergens and air particles – The car air purifier aims to create healthy and clean air for you to breathe during the time of your travel. Most of the purifiers are capable of cleaning the indoor air of your car by 99.97%. With an air purifier placed in your car, you do not have to worry about the dust and pollution present in the environment.

Helps you easy breathing – People suffering from respiratory problems like emphysema and bronchitis face difficulty in the breathing of the air quality is bad due to pollution. Air purifiers bring a difference in the air quality by cleaning them off the harmful pollutants. This allows the bronchitis patients to breathe easily without any problem. The more clean air you inhale, the more you tend to recover from illness.

Reduces the bacteria count – On average, a person spends almost 293 hours in the car in a year. Therefore, the air quality of the air is directly proportional to your health condition. We do not clean our cars frequently or after each drive, hence lots of bacteria tend to grow up inside that may cause severe illness. A car air purifier reduces the count of bacteria in the indoor air of the car and provides you with clean air.

Diminishes odor – Most of the good quality air purifiers are equipped with ionic purifiers and HEPA systems. These are a master plan to eliminate cigarette odors, pet odors, new car smell, and food odors that are commonly found inside a car. What better can it be when you can get rid of bad odors along with fresh air.

Low on maintenance – The ionic purifier does not have a filter so you do not have to regularly check if the purifier is performing well. Some of the purifiers come with a metal plate that absorbs particles from the air and hence needs to be cleaned after certain intervals. However, that is an easy task to be done. Car air purifiers are easy to be maintained and are low on budget.

KENT Magic HEPA Car Air Purifier Features

Kent has been a big name among water purifiers and now they have come up with air purifiers for your home and car. Today we are going to discuss the car air purifier. This purifier has a HEPA filter that can eradicate 99.97% pollutants from the air. Therefore, no matter where you go and what the air quality is, you can breathe fresh air with the help of a KENT magic car air purifier. The HEPA filter works like a mechanical air filter that can remove any small particles present in the air that are less than 0.3 microns in diameter.

To curb the carcinogen particles from the indoor air of your car, HEPA filter uses 3 various mechanisms like interception, diffusion, and impact. The car air purifier can remove mold spores, pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke, and even pet dander and provide you with fresh and healthy air to breathe in. The air purifier also has a carbon filter that can absorb foul odor in the air. It also can trap the volatile organic compounds, nitrogen, pet odor, dust, cigarette smoke, hydrocarbons, and oxides of sulfide. The Purifier makes less noise so that you do not feel disturbed while driving your way. Some of the noticeable features that we liked are mentioned below:

  • It works on the HEPA mechanism, which means high-efficiency particulate arrestor. This assures you that you would get clean and fresh air whenever this air purifier is switched on.
  • The purifier can remove particulate matter from the air. It can effectively remove PM 2.5 and suspended particulate matter those are present in the car’s indoor air.
  • The carbon filter of the air purifier soaks up any foul smell or volatile organic compounds present in the air.
  • The purifier has a functional and user-friendly design. The model has elegant looks and is compact. Hence, it can be used conveniently in any car sizes.
  • The purifier emits very low noise while operating effectively inside the car. The internal parts of the machine produce very less intensity noise and thus operate silently.
  • The purifier is easy to operate. People of any age group can operate the purifier. It is also easy for the driver to operate the machine even when they are driving.

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier Features

Honeywell is a master brand of air purifiers. They have made a mark in the market with air purifiers that are made with advanced technologies. Their car air purifiers are also worth a try. Many might feel that there is no need for a car air purifier when there is an air conditioning system available in the car. However, that isn’t true. When you travel in your car from one place to the other, you get to face pollution and dirt that your air conditioning system cannot purify. Honeywell has come up with a car purifier by the name of Honeywell Move Pure, which cleanses the internal air of your car from all the impurities.

The purifier is equipped with a high-quality filter that can remove PM 2.5 particles and other harmful pollutants. The powerful purifier is versatile and cleans the air inside the car with a CDR rate of 12m3 per hour. The purifier is built with a long and flexible cable cord that lets you place the product anywhere inside your car. It has a double layer active carbon filter that is an advanced mechanism and helps in removing bacteria, viruses, toxic gas, odors, and TVOC. It creates very little noise that is less than 49dB (A) so that you can have a peaceful driving experience even with the purifier on. Some of the important features that we have liked about the purifier are mentioned below:

  • High-grade HEPA filter removes all kinds of duct, PM 2.5, and other particulate pollutants. All of these are harmful to your health and can make you sick if not removed from your car.
  • There is just one button with which you can control various operations like power on and off, changing the fan mode, and switch on the display filter replacement reminder.
  • You would not require any professional to install the device into your car. It is easy to fit and use. You just unpack it and place it at any corner of your car.
  • The multi-layer filtration of the purifier has a layer of the active carbon filter and HEPA filter.
  • The air purifier can cycle the indoor air of your car up to 4 times per hour. Hence, you can be assured that the air you breathe inside the car is clean and healthy.
  • The purifier uses the very power to operate. Even under the high-performance model, the purifier utilizes 8W power to generate fresh air.

Which one to buy?

When you go through the features of both the car air purifiers you would be able to make out that both the purifiers are tough competitors to each other. Both of them are good in performance, have a high brand reputation, and able to reach high terms of quality. Therefore, it becomes really difficult to make a choice. Both Honeywell and Kent are market leaders and you can rely on their products without a doubt.

As per the features mentioned in the article, it seems like Honeywell surpasses the features of Kent. Honeywell’s Move Pure is sturdier and would last for longer durations. Investing in an air purifier is a big expense; hence, you would want a purifier that would last long. From the design perspective, Kent is more appealing. Finally, it depends on your personal preference and choice to buy the best product for your car’s air quality.

No matter which one you buy, you should go through the reviews of the users and make a wise decision. Pick the one that is compact, powerful, and efficient.

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