Factors to Consider when Buying an Air Purifier for Home

Wondering how you can breathe in the fresh air and protect your lungs from the pollution that’s slowly enveloping us? Sadly, there isn’t any full proof way, but using air purifiers in your home might be useful. It’s an extremely effective appliance that filters out particulate matters present in the air inside a room and blows out pure, filtered air. Thus air purifiers play an important role in helping you breathe in the fresh air and improve the room’s air quality.

Factors to Consider when Buying an Air Purifier for Home

We have already mentioned by buying an air purifier is essential, especially in recent times when the pollution level has gone up drastically. If you are looking for an air purifier online or in hardware stores, consider the following factors:

  • HEPA filter

You might not consider the other factors, but you must check whether your air purifier has a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA). This HEPA filter is super efficient and can filter out more than 99.97 percent of 0.3-micron particles, thus ensuring you breathe in the fresh air. There are two categories of particulate matter, PM 10 and PM 2.5. PM 10 particles get trapped inside your nose or throat, but PM2.5 particles are extremely minute. They can’t be spotted with our naked eyes. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t present inside your room. So to trap and filter out those minute dust particles, you need to have an air purifier equipped with the specialised HEPA filter. If you don’t take care of this fact, and continue to breathe in PM2.5 particles, it would eventually cause lung problems. However, this is very obvious that air purifiers equipped with the HEPA filter would be expensive, but the benefits that you would derive from it make it worth your investment.

  • Room size

Needless to say, you have to take into consideration your room’s size and buy an appropriate model of air purifier accordingly. When you would check the list of specifications, the room coverage would be mentioned. This means that the air purifier would function the best within a room area of the mentioned figure. Firstly, before you go out to purchase an air purifier, calculate your room’s size in sq feet. Now check the specifications list and find out the coverage area of the appliance. Decide, whether both figures are in the right ratio. There are several models of air purifiers found in today’s market, each having different coverage areas. You get a wide variety of products to choose from. So select the one that’s best suited for your room size. Make sure your room has enough space to accommodate an air purifier. These aren’t compact appliances and consume one corner of your room.

  • CARD rating

CARD is the acronym for a Clean Air Delivery Rate. This rate tells you the air purifier’s performance rate. In other words, the more is this ratio, the more is the appliance capable of purifying the air, thus providing you with fresh, filtrated air. This rate is measured in cubic meters and denotes how many cubic feet of air can it filter in one minute. Here, the room size also plays a determining role. If your room size is approximately 200 sq. Ft, the appliance’s CARD rate must be at least 134 CMH. Another thing that determines this rating is the Air Changes over an Hour, abbreviated as ACH. This figure tells you the number of times your air purifier is capable of filtering out the clean air of its coverage area in an hour. Ideally, the ACH figure should be 4. So keep in mind these figures and terms while you look out for the best air purifier. However, remember, that the CARD value doesn’t denote how effectively would it purify the dust particles. That’s why you still require an air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter.

  • Ozone emission

Homeowners are advised not to buy air purifiers that use ozone for purifying the air. Ozone gas can irritate your lungs, causing chest pain eventually. It can also cause coughing, shortness of breath in people who don’t suffer from breathing problems. This ozone gas is especially harmful to kids and old people. Even low levels of ozone gas are harmful. Prolonged exposure to this ozone can scar the human lung tissues. Most modern air purifiers don’t use ozone anymore, but you must still go through the details to confirm.

  • Air Ionisers

Don’t buy air purifiers that have air Ionisers. Even if you choose to buy one, which generates negative ions, please take time to check its ozone output and compare the figure with the level of ozone a human body can take without getting affected. When an air purifier generates negative ions or electrons, these particles attach themselves to the small particulate matter present in the air. As a result, the particulate matters become larger, enabling the air purifier to filter them out easily. But some electrons remain on the ground or attach themselves to surfaces that are positively charged. The reason why you shouldn’t buy an appliance generating elections is that they emit low levels of ozone. We already mentioned, it’s harmful, even if you breathe in low levels.

  • Noise rating

It’s natural for any electronic appliance to make some noise while functioning. Supposing you are using the air purifier while sleeping, you wouldn’t want it to make the lowest of noise. So check the noise level of the appliance. If this specification isn’t mentioned under the product details, you can easily get it online from reviews or the model’s official site. A noise level of 35 decibels is the maximum that can be considered when it’s performing. If the noise emission level is more than 55 decibels, you might find the appliance disturbing. With modern and advanced technology being used to develop these appliances, some are equipped with the latest features like the sleep mode. Putting the sleep mode would reduce the noise level to the minimum, thus allowing you to work or sleep comfortably.

  • Maintenance required

Every electronic appliance requires proper maintenance. So does an air purifier. Proper maintenance would ensure its proper functioning and longevity. One of the most important things to do for its maintenance is replacing filters. These filters trap and filter out dust and other particulate matter which gets clogged up with time. If you don’t replace them or clean them from time to time, it would hamper the effectivity of the filters. Especially HEPA filters need to be replaced on time.

  • Buying from a reputed brand

When you are looking out for the best air purifier in the market, make sure you are choosing a quality brand. Make sure the brand gives you a warranty for the product purchased. Also, when you buy from a known brand, you can rest assured that you will be getting a high-quality product. The best brands use the best technologies available which enhance the effectiveness and performance rate of the products.

Apart from these factors, there are a few others which aren’t as important as the above-mentioned ones but can be considered.

  • Active carbon filters

If your appliance has an active carbon filter, the purification process gets even better. These filters boulevard filter out dust, pet odours and absorb smoke.

  • Washable filters

Buying an air purifier having washable filters would reduce your maintenance cost as you can easily wash and reuse them.

  • Energy star ratings

Air purifiers, like any other electronic gadgets, are given energy ratings. These show how energy efficient the product is. So choose a product having a high energy rating and save money on your electricity bills.

  • Portability and weight

If you are looking for an air purifier for your house, choosing a portable one would increase your convenience. Also, keep in mind the weight. It should be easy to be shifted from one room to another, as per your requirements.

  • App-Controlled Air Purifiers:¬†

A few models of air purifiers are remote- controlled. Some can even be controlled with mobile apps. These are advanced appliances, that would send you an alert when it’s time to replace a filter or indicting other issues. You can also change the purifier’s settings from the app.

Tips to keep in mind while using an air purifier:

You have to remember that air purifiers have a capacity. If you keep your door open, you shouldn’t expect the appliance to constantly purify the air that’s coming inside constantly. To get the maximum purifying results, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Fit the air purifier in an air-conditioned room

Air coolers draw in outside air and then blow out fresh cool air after absorbing the moisture. Whereas, air conditioners don’t function that way. Hence z air purifier would purify the air better if kept in an air-conditioned room.

  • Keep them ventilated¬†

Fix it in a spot that has good ventilation, for proper functioning. Make sure its fans aren’t blocked.

  • Run it judiciously

Don’t keep the appliance switched on 24*7. Only use it when required. This would also save your electricity bills.

The most important factors and tips we have mentioned. With a little amount of care and maintenance, you can run the appliance for a longer period. Several online sites offer air purifiers at affordable deals. So without delaying any further, go grab the best product at the best price!

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